Efficiency vs Rushing

Hi everyone! I think this is a pretty important reminder (even for me) so that we don’t end up spending more time fixing unnecessary problems. No one cares about the person who does a million things and none of them well. This is one of the things that my mentor has recently reminded me of. […]

How to work non-stop (almost)

Hi everyone, Time has been rushing past. Next week I’m likely to run into the busiest week of my life I’d say. I’m going to be all-in with helping my Year 12 SACE students at my exam masterclasses and help them learn as much as they possibly can. Weeks like this are immensely draining physically […]

Consistency is Everything

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my thoughts today. I’ve been applying what I’ve learnt from my coach since last week and it’s made me feel so much more in control, despite having just as much work to juggle. The brutal prioritisation of what’s important to me and my future self has allowed me […]

The Revived Time Management Hack I Always Need

Hi everyone, Wow! What a week! There’s been that much going on, so I felt the need to get in touch with my productivity coach again. There is always more to learn and investing in this is so important for me. Every time I learn things that I would never have figured out on my […]

My Spring Reflection

Hi everyone, While I’ve never really taken the time to do spring cleaning (lol) I am pretty big on taking the time to re-evaluate my goals and strategies every quarter and half of the year. This is so important to me because we can very easily get bogged down by things that seem important but […]

Never Miss Twice

Hi everyone, I’ve finally gotten back into the flow of keeping up with this newsletter, through using an accountability buddy, time scheduling and my trusty Eisenhower matrix. I feel re-energised with my new Amazing Marvin workflow (that I’ve spent at least 5 hours creating during my productive procrastination). I really like what I’ve created though! […]

The quickest way i learn

Hi everyone, Again, I’ve been reminded of a breakthrough – the value of mentoring. Learning from those who have already achieved who you want to become is incredibly valuable. The investment in these sorts of relationships is always high but the return on investment is always higher. If I hadn’t prioritised this in my high […]

I’m back

Hi everyone, I have really become the culprit of falling off consistency here! I took a break because things got really busy with uni, but now that I’m in lockdown I have found myself some extra time. Please reply and let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to specifically write about but I’ll […]

Gaining freedom

Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you some of the great sense of freedom I’ve felt by getting ahead and planning, and the biggest thing I’ve learnt that you can use too. When I was younger I thought I could just do whatever, whenever and as things came up as high priority I could […]

Motivation-Dependent Systems are Failure-Dependent Systems

Welcome back! If you checked out last week’s newsletter, I spoke a lot about how we can have a healthier relationship with motivation. We should welcome motivation when it comes, but not miss it when it’s absent. But the question becomes, what do we do when we lose motivation? If we choose to rely on […]