Consistency is Everything

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share my thoughts today. I’ve been applying what I’ve learnt from my coach since last week and it’s made me feel so much more in control, despite having just as much work to juggle. The brutal prioritisation of what’s important to me and my future self has allowed me to put my health and wellbeing first. Now when new opportunities come past, it’s either a ‘hell yeah’ or ‘no’.

This is a notion I’ve explained before on this newsletter but it’s about focusing my finite energy and time on the things that I believe are most meaningful. This can have many reasons, but we all have these fundamental restrictions.

There will never be enough time. There will never be a perfect time.

Time may always seem like the enemy when it’s put in this light, however, I’m always working towards finding a better relationship with time.

This is a reminder to myself and to you as you’re reading this, are you satisfied with how you’re spending your time right now?