Hi everyone,

Time has been rushing past. Next week I’m likely to run into the busiest week of my life I’d say. I’m going to be all-in with helping my Year 12 SACE students at my exam masterclasses and help them learn as much as they possibly can.

Weeks like this are immensely draining physically and mentally so I use mindfulness meditation (I’ve left a useful resource to get started looking into this research down below).

At times where there is almost zero time to relax, the best resort is focused attention meditation and mindfulness meditation. Even for 5 minutes, this is far greater than spending 10 minutes (or 2 hours if you’re not careful) scrolling through social media and/or going down a rabbit hole on YouTube.

A short amount of time doing mindfulness attention can easily have better rejuvenating effects on your focus than 30+ minutes of focusing on your phone.