My Spring Reflection

Hi everyone,

While I’ve never really taken the time to do spring cleaning (lol) I am pretty big on taking the time to re-evaluate my goals and strategies every quarter and half of the year.

This is so important to me because we can very easily get bogged down by things that seem important but are not really that important in the big picture, especially with lockdowns and COVID increasing our anxiety and stress.

So coming to this point, I’ve taken some time to myself to begin reflecting on lots:

  • What I’ve done well/not well
  • What challenges I have and haven’t overcome
  • What goals I’ve actually achieved (and not achieved)
  • What my progress is for these goals
  • If I’m happy with where I’m heading or whether I need to pivot

These have been my main considerations, but also reflecting on what I’m grateful for has been very beneficial.

Most importantly, I’m really excited to see where my new coaching students are at right now and how I’ll be able to help them grow in the next few months! Truly, I don’t think they know how much this is going to change things for them and especially, how quickly. This is perfect for them and I can’t wait to begin on September 13.

Spots are close to running out, so if you also want to invest in this opportunity, please send me a DM and we’ll see if it’s a perfect fit.