Gaining freedom

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you some of the great sense of freedom I’ve felt by getting ahead and planning, and the biggest thing I’ve learnt that you can use too.

When I was younger I thought I could just do whatever, whenever and as things came up as high priority I could quickly just smash them out.

I learnt how bad this was the hard way.

Being on the backfoot, every, single, day, is not only stressful but draining. Earlier, when I started the youtube channel, I was always rushing to make a youtube video, which meant some weeks I didn’t release a video. This made me feel horrible when I couldn’t keep consistent.

But here’s the unsettling thing, even when I rushed but was able to upload the video, I fell into another trap of negative emotion.

I would track the video’s progress religiously, refreshing the page every second, to see if my work had paid off.

Of course, me determining my self-worth from the popularity of my video is horrible, but whenever I rush a video, I find myself entering this deathly spiral.

Being able to schedule videos ahead of time with effective time management and mostly planning has honestly been the most liberating feeling. Sunday 6 pm passes and I’m just like, ‘oh my video just dropped, cool’ and I can come check it’s progress tomorrow morning without feeling like my work went to waste.

This is also extremely important when it comes to Einsenhower’s Matrix. This workflow works great with Getting Things Done. The matrix is all about managing tasks by knowing if it’s important and/or urgent.

And it’s all about doing as much of the important stuff but not urgent stuff.

Prioritising this instead of the most urgent stuff has honestly been the biggest game changer for me. Now I’m able to make greater progress towards the goals I want to be able to hit because I’m not just rushing.

If you haven’t heard of the matrix, make sure to try it out and let me know how it goes!