Hi everyone!

I think this is a pretty important reminder (even for me) so that we don't end up spending more time fixing unnecessary problems.

No one cares about the person who does a million things and none of them well.

This is one of the things that my mentor has recently reminded me of.

Doing lots of things is only worth it if you are able to produce a high quality of work and commit fully to each step.
You should never feel rushed doing anything. No matter how busy you are. Never cross the rush line.

Crossing this line just undoes all your hard work.

Multiple times I've found myself juggling too much that I fall into the trap of rushing, but as soon as I focus on efficiency instead rushing, the quality of my work is maintained and I finish something that I'm far more proud of.

A lot of you know how study is one of my lowest priorities in life, after creating relationships, having experiences and rest. This is because I know what is required to hit the marks I need. There is minimal loss in translation, and therefore, if I put in the required work to meet the requirements of the marking criteria, it's just about waiting for the grade to come back.

I still remember when I had no idea why I'd get a certain grade based on the effort that I put in - this was just an indication of very low metacognition. This happened to be in year 10 and below. Once I began learning how to learn, I had a much better understanding of what to expect.

Rushing is not the same as efficiency, and the more that I intently focus on one task at a time, my efficiency skyrockets. Stricter prioritisation the night before helps me ensure that I maintain efficiency and avoid rushing.

"Efficiency is fantastic as long as you are also being effective" Sebastian Baily, co-founder of the Mind Gym.

Find effectiveness first, then efficiency.

Are you as effective as you can be?

Have a great rest of the week!