Hi everyone,

Wow! What a week! There’s been that much going on, so I felt the need to get in touch with my productivity coach again. There is always more to learn and investing in this is so important for me. Every time I learn things that I would never have figured out on my own. And the saved time is incredible.

With how much I’m managing at the moment, while trying to take on more, my coach expressed to me, the things I need to work to see much quicker changes and results:

  • Frequent mini-buffers, 20 minutes every few hours to complete urgent and non-important tasks as per the Einsenhower matrix but also having 3 or so main periods throughout the day to re-prioritise my to-do list and calendar. These buffers are to prepare for the ‘known unknowns’. This is part of Rumsfeld Matrix. Here’s the thing, uncertainty is certain, so by not planning for this, I’m planning for failure. And it’s true, I was. (If this doesn’t make total sense, essentially, the idea is to make time for uncertainty)
  • The other thing is extreme prioritisation. A few months ago I made a post about how I was overwhelmed with tasks and a lack of time. I’ve found myself in this position again, so as I always tell people, time management is just task prioritisation.
  • It was a reminder about the severe ramifications that come from the cognitive switching penalty. This is something I often struggle with, so making marginal gains on this will go a very long way.
  • The last thing is about investing in your future time. By now, you, as the reader, probably realise the sheer importance of learning how to learn and studying more efficiently and how many thousands of hours you’ll be able to save. This is the same for all aspects of my life and this is why I’m constantly hiring new people onto the team, investing in coaches, learning new skills and ensuring that I am going to become more efficient at tasks to come. Making time for this is the way to exit deathly spirals.

With what I’ve taken away from this session, I’ll need to take some more time to reflect on this and set up a plan to make sure I can keep this up long term. But, we just gotta keep up with logging our marginal gains and improving 1% every day :)

Hope you find this useful and can take something away from my experience!