The quickest way i learn

Hi everyone,

Again, I’ve been reminded of a breakthrough – the value of mentoring. Learning from those who have already achieved who you want to become is incredibly valuable. The investment in these sorts of relationships is always high but the return on investment is always higher.

If I hadn’t prioritised this in my high school years, I don’t think I would have achieved my results and now, in growing my businesses and career in medicine, I’m seeing the same pattern again.

Mentoring is invaluable.

Here’s an example. A month ago I had just finished running my intensive July workshops for year 12. After this success, I found myself deliberating my plan for the next 6 months. This was a very tough time for me because I really didn’t know where to go. I literally spent a whole weekend just spending time in my head, thinking about my goals, what I want to achieve and how I’m going to get there.

Reminding myself of how important having a mentor is, I sought out business coaches that I knew. In my first conversation, my thoughts were cleared in 30 minutes and I left with a direction that I was proud of. In fact, most of the ideas were things I was already thinking of; I just didn’t how to put it all together.

This is why I find it invaluable to learn from experts in their craft. Working with these sorts of people accelerates growth and results in the fastest way possible and, so quickly, reveals hidden ideas you haven’t considered. If I hadn’t invested in something like this, I would have been much less likely to receive the clarity I did. Here’s why:

  1. Their sheer expertise and time perfecting their craft is how they were able to so quickly identify what I hadn’t.
  2. I am invested in their coaching and since it is significantly priced, I am significantly committed to the process to get results.

In many other areas of my life, I’m going to continue to consider the ways that I can find mentors to accelerate growth and my return on investment. Sure, I can try to learn these things on my own, but will I learn it in the quickest way possible and even get close to knowing what I need to know? Probably not.