What’s harder than learning how to study?

Hi everyone,

This year I’ve learnt lots when it comes to the systems that I depend on. Personally, I’ve found that it’s been easier to learn about how to learn/study than it is to master effective time management, despite having so much practice as time always passes!

Existential productivity is something that has piqued my interest a lot from Khe Hy at RadReads. Although the principles, guidelines and systems regarding time management are relatively simple, achieving mastery is a force to be reckoned with.

RadReads Weekly Review Template

The $10k/hr work framework is an easy way to consider the impact of the work that you choose to spend your time on. It’s not about actually making that sort of money – that misses the point. Namely, we want to know if productivity is moving the needle. How much time have you spent on $10/hr, $100/hr, $1000/hr or $10k/hr work today?

I’m constantly reminding myself and my students that efficiency and effectiveness are different ideas. Efficiency is about how quickly you can squeeze lemons. Effectiveness is about squeezing as much as possible from a single lemon.

How effective is your work?

This is one of the main areas I help my students master in coaching. They are masters of lemon-sqeezing! The majority of students are efficient at spamming question after question, or worse, practice exam after practice exam. When you become so good at being effective, real efficiency comes naturally and then the need to grind all the time is simply not needed – how liberating!

I’m currently in the process of taking 5 new students on board for this very exclusive opportunity as I put in all of my effort to turn you into a top achiever. If you’re sick of trying to figure it all out on your own, then this is something to seriously consider.

Take Dylan, he’s seen huge sucess this month and finally cracked the top bracket of his class after being stuck at lower grades for so long.

These results aren’t uncommon among those who I coach. When we work together extensively, it’s easy to understand why this is possible.

Check out my instagram here to see more results and DM me ‘start’ if you’re interested in seeing if this is the perfect fit for you!

Weekly Favourites

  • Been learning more about dopamine pathways recently and getting into the neuroscience of it. I’ve always heard a lot of pop science around it so investigating this down to a deeper level has been quite interesting, especially in the emerging literature.

Quote of the Week

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you” ~ Fred Devito

Weekly Growth Numbers

  • YouTube Subscriber Count = 6,025 (+83 on last week)
  • Instagram Followers ( = 1,172 (+12 on last week)
  • Tiktok Followers (@archernewton) = 12,188
  • Newsletter Members = 150 (+1 on last week)

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