Never Miss Twice

Hi everyone,

I’ve finally gotten back into the flow of keeping up with this newsletter, through using an accountability buddy, time scheduling and my trusty Eisenhower matrix. I feel re-energised with my new Amazing Marvin workflow (that I’ve spent at least 5 hours creating during my productive procrastination). I really like what I’ve created though!

My workflow so far

I’m going to be creating a video on this in the future explaining my new setup. If you’re interested in getting Amazing Marvin by the way, here’s my affiliate link: (Use Coupon Code ‘TXARCHER’ for a 60-day trial instead of 30 days).

The main thing that I love about Amazing Marvin is the ability to customise it into your own productivity app.

It’s still a habit to get used to using it but I feel so much more in control of my ongoing projects at the moment that it just reduces my stress and anxiety a lot.

Just thought that I’d remind everyone about this amazing app!