Hi everyone,

Over the past week, I’ve thought a lot about what I’m working towards but specifically why my work is important to me.

This is something I lose sight of at times when I get engrossed in the work. Taking a step back makes me realise why it all matters.

As I immerse myself in many new opportunities as an educator, I’ve begun to dissect why I started my YouTube channel in the first place. Besides deciding to Show My Work (concept by Austin Kleon) publicly, while building a personal brand, my main reason to release YouTube videos is that if it helps one person (who has even had a mildly similar experience to me), then it’s worth doing. I first heard of this from Ali Abdaal but it makes so much sense.

A lot of the content I produce is what I wish I had when I was first learning these things. This is the reason many creators create and it’s very valid. Now with a wealth of knowledge on YouTube, a lot more people can share their experiences and help other fellow human beings.

Having this in the back of my mind drives me to keep sharing and helping students as I just know how much this would have helped me in the past.

It’s so important to me because I want to make sure that I’m intrinsically motivated and not pursuing anything just for external validation.