Reflections from my Yearly Retreat

Hi everyone!

One of the biggest things that I’ve decided for this year is to have three clear goals in mind:

  1. Exercise at least 3 times a week (for at least 45 minutes)
  2. Certain Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for my business (omitted from here)
  3. Post at least 1 video & newsletter a week.

Now from face value, these goals seem pretty simple. However, the deep thought and reflection required to distil my values and long-term goals into three simple ones took two days with close friends – we questioned each other on what we truly want to optimise in our lives.

These discussions dug deep into many of the things that we ‘dread to do but still do’, despite the choice being within our control.

The experience itself is probably the most thought-provoking event I’ve been a part of since 2019. I’ve been able to learn more about my true self in 2 days than I was able to within a year.

We all realised that by coming together and reflecting on these aspects of our lives openly and non-judgmentally, we’ve been able to fast-forward months of reflection compared to doing it alone.

During this retreat, we used Khe Hy‘s frameworks which were so useful! He teaches about existential productivity – ensuring that we’re being productive for our greater being, instead of just for the sake of meaningless busyness (something I’ve struggled with lots in the past).

If you’re interested in finding your true ‘why’ to ensure that you’re heading down a path you’ll actually be happy with if you achieve it, then I cannot recommend more highly that you check Khe’s blog post on this – and any of his available free training (which is what we did).

I often think about whether I’m tracking down the path that I truly want, and I know now that keeping so many doors of opportunity open means that my attention and focus is spread quite thin.  So this year I’ve already begun to prioritise what I want for my future self, by leaving commitments that were previously quite important to me.

Do you need a 2-day retreat to benefit from an experience like this in the same way as me? Not at all. Really it’s just marginal gains and ensuring you give yourself the time that you need to learn more about yourself as you age.