Hi everyone,

Exam season for me is quite interesting. It's probably my least busiest time during the semester. I've set time aside for the exams and reduced the number of commitments that I have significantly.

Like my last newsletter, I'm still feeling pretty lost in terms of what long-term avenues I should pursue.

Medicine and becoming a doctor is a dream but something that is already well planned and I just have to continue studying to get there. But, at the same time, I'm trying to think about what I want to build long-term, something that I'm really proud of making. So far, that's building a community of students who can learn more about many of the things I wish I knew earlier, like learning how to learn.

Instead of studying for exams, I find myself learning a lot more about the extra interests I have, like neuroscience and the emerging research around improving health, wellbeing and learning.

Who knew that blinking more increases the speed at which we perceive time! Or that blue light blocking is fairly unimportant compared to just lowering the brightness generally. Or that even just a few seconds of light exposure can completely drop your melatonin levels immediately when you're preparing for bed.

I have all these interests, so while I'm re-listening to The Unfair Advantage (a truly great book), written by my friend Hasan Kubba and his business partner Ash Ali, I hope that soon I'll be able to find something I'd be able to jump straight into and actually commit for a few years.

I believe this is something all of us should consider time-to-time. What do we imagine doing with our free time in 5 years, 10 years time?

On another note, crypto is getting really interesting for me now as I've begun in NFTs. If you care about what I'm learning in this space, let me know and I'll incorporate my findings into future newsletter issues!