How Mentoring has Changed My Life

Hi everyone,

While I’ve spent some time really crunching down on some of my recent New Years goals; growing my business and team, helping more students, I’ve forced myself again to pursue more discomfort and personal growth.

I’ve been meeting with multiple coaches and mentors, from learning how to teach better, learning sales & marketing, leadership and social media growth.

Each time I find myself in awe of how they have finally mastered their craft. And as I mentioned previously in another issue, I’m trying to improve in all these areas but begin specialising in one more than the other: likely teaching.

Although all the information you need is often already out there on the internet and anything is possible, the more important question I find myself asking myself when I want to achieve something is, although anything is possible, is it likely I’ll achieve this with limited time? This is the reason I work with those who are true experts in their field. I could potentially go figure it out myself and see where that path takes me, but is the added time (and risk to fail) worth the potential pride and ego-boost I could get by saying ‘I figured it out myself’.

Originally, I thought this was what I should optimise for, because it felt good. However, as I was going into Year 12, I realised that it’s simply not worth it, because I won’t become anywhere near as good alone as I would with having someone to guide and mentor me.

Look, one of the biggest things I’ve realised through receiving coaching is how oblivious we can be (or maybe it’s just me) to our own self-limiting beliefs, unconstructive but strong beliefs and simply our deeply ingrained cognitive biases that cloud our judgment and thought.

Having someone to give me a second opinion and call me out for my illogical thought processes is truly invaluable. It could take me years to recognise I have a belief that’s been holding me back.

Often our strongest thoughts and beliefs can be some of our most wrong beliefs and it’s always very hard to accept this.

Practising open-mindedness is something I always strive to do, it’s a keystone habit of mine. It’s not easy to do when it’s needed most but I like to remind myself of this every now and again. Fortunately, in having these mentors & coaches, they’re able to keep me on my feet so I can ensure I’m keeping more open, and again, to have them keep me accountable for my thoughts & actions, that’s invaluable.